Lock in Retailers

A Whole New Revenue Stream for You and Your Network

A Whole New Revenue Stream

Broaden your portfolio with new products, revenue and technology all while increasing retailer loyalty by improving their foot traffic, product offerings and payment options.

Super Functional Point of Sale
State Of The Art

You get Brand new POS systems with the best hardware in the industry.
You make an offer they can’t refuse.

Retailer Loyalty
They will Love You

Retailer (and your) revenue goes up and up with no learning curve.

High Demand
Value Added Services

Transform the retailers location into a one-stop-shop offering: prepaid wireless, international long-distance, digital advertising and bill payment.

Cash Flow
Double Your Business Model

Added services means added revenue; for you and your network.

Quick Wins
Minimal Investment

InsightPOS is a placement model, we both share in the revenue and the profits.  You focus on expanding your business and we focus on expanding services.

Decrease Checkout Time


Transactions Go Up in every Store


More Revenue Increases Retailer Retention and Loyalty


Double (or Triple) the Value of Your Portfolio


One Small Machine with Big Results

Enhance your network with proven services, intuitive design and future proof technology.

Plug and Play
Easy to Install

The latest technology and prebuilt models make installation and setup a breeze. Start selling in seconds with a database of millions of SKUs.

Simple to Use

No more remembering prices or inventory levels; retailers have the latest scan-and-go technology with built in controls.

Functional Services

Modular architecture means you can add new services and interfaces in days instead of weeks.

We’re Dedicated 
To Expanding Your Business

We’ll keep improving the tool that your customers need

We’ll integrate services that sell


Million Unbanked Customers


Billion in Top Up Annually


Million In Store Bill Payments


Billion in Transaction Fees

The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra

Hardware Design Team

What we do
Our Capabilites

A highly experienced group with a creative touch

Touch Screen POS

Hi-speed capacitive touch screen for rapid entry and selection.

Real Time Reporting
Web Interface

You and your retailers can see sales, commissions, inventory and cash balances from anywhere on the net.

Full POS
With Inventory Management

A full point of sales system with over 4 million SKUs, inventory control and auto ordering.

Retailer Development
Expand Your Reach

Turn your retailers from a one trick pony to a full financial service center.

Advertising Revenue
Easy to Sell

Our ad screens demand attention: there’s no other place in the store that people stare at.

Know Your Customers
Data is Knowledge

Every sale is captured at the point of sales, building an unprecedented profile of your customers and their spending patterns.

I have been extremely impressed with insightPOS. It is a pleasure working with
such a highly creative and innovative team.

Dave Brown, CEO, Nextcom

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We love designing enhanced POS systems.

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